Tombstone Design

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First, the tombstone shapes were traced onto large sheets of foam board.

Each unique shape was cut out from the tracings.

Using the dimensions of the tombstones, the designs were laid out on Google Drawings.

Each design was printed out on multiple sheets of paper, taped together, then affixed to the foam stone.

The text and images were carefully traced with an Exacto knife.

Next, the shapes were carved out using either a Dremel tool or a wood burner.

The starry design on Alice Samuel's stone half-way to completion.

Four completed carvings waiting on the next step.

After the carving was complete, cracks and wear were added. Then, the entire shape was coated in Drylok to give a gray, textured base.

To add depth and age, the stones then were sprayed with a gray-green wash, then dry brushed with white. The lettering was also hand-painted with the dark wash.